In case of emergency

A long time ago, I took a pilates class.  The instructor told us that the point of pilates was to be strong enough to do what you needed to do.  Strong enough to handle whatever the day threw at you.  Even in case of an emergency.

Road trip time

Fast forward to last Sunday.  I was driving to New Jersey.  I was super excited because I was going to see my son and my friends and do all of the special NJ things that I’ve been missing.


About 4 hours into a 10 hour drive, though, the check engine light came on.  Now our Mini Cooper can sometimes be a bit of a drama queen, so in some situations I would just ignore the light and carry on, but I still had 6 hours to go until I hit New Jersey.  Some of it through  “no cell phone service + lots of construction delays” alley along I-80 in Pennsylvania.


So I reached out to my husband (the car guy), and he located an open Auto Zone where I could stop and get the magic device that reads the engine code and sends it to your phone.  This would allow us to make a keep going / turnback decision.  What follows is a long, complicated story that begins with a dying cell phone and, 2 hours later, ends with the decision to turn around.

The takeaway

The gist of the story is that I had to ask about 7 different people a dozen requests to get what I needed to make a good decision.

There is a time in my life when this wouldn’t have been possible.  I would have been so overcome with worry about imposing on people or following all the rules or looking foolish that I would have made this situation a hundred times worse.

Learning how to ask confidently with no drama until you get what you need is like having strong core muscles.

You have to build that support ahead of time so that you can handle whatever the day throws at you.  Even in case of an emergency.

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